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It’s the 4th October 2020 as I write and everyone is still in lockdown.  Yes it’s a serious situation.  Coronavirus takes over.  Yes I hope no-one I know or care for gets it.  I hope you don’t get it.  If we do I hope we all survive it fine.  But actually rather than panicking we need to learn positive messages from the experience.  AND THERE ARE MUCH WORSE EVENTS HAPPENING DAILY So meanwhile here is the course programme for the year. 

Everything has been suspect but we have managed to run two teacher training courses and one Permaculture Design Course online- which have gone astonishingly well.   We are trying to arrange a Forest Gardening/ introduction to Permaculture course and a Food Preservation Course but these will really only work if they happen in the actual world.  As the rules keep changing every ten minutes it’s not quite so easy.

If you book and it doesn’t happen we’ll refund 100% of your fee unless you book by paypal we reserve the right to charge any fees they charge us.  They put this in abeyance at the start of April… who knows!  If in doubt just ask.  If they refuse to refund fees, in which case we’ll refund your payment less their fee.

Meanwhile we have a solution NOW with online courses.  We (Rakesh Rootsman Rak and I and sixteen great students x 2) have just completed a second brilliant Training of Teachers in Permaculture course for three half days a week over four weeks.  We used the medium of Zoom and some supporting technology.  Neither Rakesh nor I could believe how well it went.  Totally amazing and the participants were so enthusiastic.

Lock down is a great way to take your opportunity to invest time and  energy in one of our great learning experiences. Our Permaculture Design Course ran from June 2nd to 26th 2020.  Sticking with three afternoons a week on Zoom and some in between work offline solo or in small groups making your own arrangements.  Facilitating this course with me (Graham Bell) will be Kate Everett, Mark Shipperlee and Caspar Lampkin.  Between us we have an amazing range of experience and skills.  Mark is currently planning a follow up course for late October / November time.  If you’re keen you can get him on… more details will appear here as soon as they are finalised.

I’ve left the future programme here as well… but …

Sorry about this folks but no-one knows what’s going to happen next.

>> Courses at Garden Cottage  and elsewhere

Here at Garden Cottage we have over 30 years of experience in creating a forest garden and in sharing our knowledge and expertise with others.

We have worked with, and indeed taught, many of the world’s well-known and well-loved permaculture tutors.

And this year we are revisiting running a Teacher Training Course.

People and permaculture is our passion and has been for over thirty years (just look at our history)  and we delight in sharing our knowledge and the abundance that is Garden Cottage.

You can view details of our courses and open days from the pull down menus and you can read what previous visitors have to say HERE.

All courses can be booked through our shop.

If you have can’t see what you want or have any questions, please contact me via or, better still, sign up to the newsletter to get regular updates.

In order to make courses as experiential as possible we run them, as much as possible, from Garden Cottage, rather than from halls, hotels or meeting rooms. Since the garden is just 0.8 Ha or 1/5 acre and our home, there is no accommodation on site. However Coldstream is a beautiful town set in the wonderful Scottish Borders and, as such, boasts a fine array of hotels, guest houses and campsites.
Here are some useful links to places to stay;

Accommodation List 12.1.18


We are all individuals and we all have our own preferences and needs.  It's very important to us that this course is suitable for attendees, and the reality is we probably don't suit everyone.  To ensure there is no mismatch when booking we send an enrolment form (a sample for Courses can be seen here and for Open Days can be seen here) which invites you to share with us any particular accessibility needs you have.  This covers a wide range of matters, from mobility to dietary requirements and might touch on learning styles or language abilities.  Please feel free to ask for any particular concerns you have before booking if that helps.  For contact details see above.  Footnote.  We have increased typeface sizes on the website to make it more accessible.  Any comments back welcome on any issues here.

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